What Does an OSC Do in a Day?

We’re passionate about talking about all the ways an OSC can add value to your business, but since it’s a relatively new and ever-evolving role, many home builders still aren’t sure precisely what OSCs do. It’s tempting for many to imagine they’re simply customer service representatives or receptionists waiting around to answer calls.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! If you don’t know about all the ways an OSC can help you make more sales, we recommend you read our posts Who’s Responsible for Managing the OSC? and The Circular Sales Process, but today we’re going to take a behind-the-scenes look at what one of our superstar executive OSCs (Diana) does in a day.

A Day in The Life

7-8:30 AM

When the day starts Diana gets up, gets herself and her family ready for the day ahead, and does her first check of emails. She reviews her calendar and gets everyone out of the door.

8:30 AM

With an empty house, Diana is ready to start her work day. She drinks her coffee and checks in with everything that happened the day before, taking care of anything that needs her immediate attention. She’ll also take care of any other tasks that are necessary to set her up for success.

9 AM

The rest of the world is up and working now, and so people start calling. Diana fields inquiries and supports leads. If Diana makes an appointment at any point in the day she makes sure to set up everything for that appointment on the same day so nothing can be forgotten.


From lunch until 3 PM, Diana is in full OSC mode, supporting leads, home buyers, the marketing team, and the sales team.

3 – 5 PM

With the day coming to a close, it’s time to get back into reactive mode, responding to the day’s events and making appointments.

After Work

With the workday done, it’s time for a workout, dinner, family time, and relaxing before heading to bed.

If Diana is in the office instead of working from home, her day is the same, only with some commuting time.

How Diana Developed Her Daily Routine

While all OSCs will have similar daily tasks, the way they do things may be slightly different. Diana’s daily routine developed over years of working alone in past roles; she was a solo OSC, and her personality is data-driven. She always wants to know why she’s doing the things she’s doing and wants data to prove that her choices are effective. She believes that all OSCs will start out doing a lot on the phone as they learn who buyers are, and then the tasks will evolve as they develop and have more to share with the rest of the team.

Primary OSC Tasks

During their work days, OSCs will also problem-solve for leads and make sure that every call gets the information they need to move on to the next step in the customer journey. Diana says she’ll stick with a task until it’s fully handed off to the next person or set up for the next step. She’ll also share essential information with the marketing team to ensure they stay in the loop and learn how to better market to leads and provide reporting whenever necessary.

Another primary task is maintaining good CRM hygiene. Good CRM hygiene is more than just segmenting and listing health; OSCs will also document sales, enter new leads, and manage contacts. OSCs like Diana also offer CRM training to other staff members (such as salespeople) 1-on-1. OSCs can offer tech support to other team members.

When Things Slow Down

Most of the time an OSC’s day is filled with calls and providing support to leads, buyers, and other team members, but sometimes things slow down. When this happens, Diana says her first port of call is to survey current leads, which is working well. She’ll also check in with past leads and see where she can go above and beyond for current leads. Finally, she’ll schedule time with leadership to talk about what’s going on and discuss where more support is needed.

Diana says if she had to describe an OSC’s role in just three words, she’d choose tenacious, unbiased, and clarity. Diana’s day is never dull – there’s always work to be done, and it takes someone tenacious who strives to deliver clarity to leads and a supportive customer experience to succeed.

Written By

Diana Wallace

Shared Drive | Executive OSC