Me: When it comes to intelligently speaking with your buyers about geography and local happenings you don’t even fake it, right? Not only are you transparent with buyers but you will also use it as a selling tool to create rapport. Terrell: Absolutely, I’ll ask why is that store, office, important to you? That buys me time to Google map it, or they’ll ask, how far is this from there? I’ll say, well can you give me a second, let me Google map it. Tell me what’s an acceptable commute for you? Why? I can always flip it to get them talking. Me: What about company culture and communicating with your co-workers? How do you overcome that as someone who is states away? Terrell: It’s simple, understanding of company culture can be achieved through leveraging technology and pairing with intentional actions. An OSCs job is to build rapport and when you understand how to use technology and make it a point to intentionally reach out and build that bond, it’s easy to overcome the distance. Me: You feel buyers currently are not turned off by their first touch point being remote. In fact, you believe they come to expect it. Terrell: At the end of the day the buyer needs you to understand the process and the product, that’s it. Today’s buyer cares only about themselves and that’s it. Relate the process and product to how it benefits them, and you’ll win every time.