Me: Do you think it’s possible for an OSC to work 100% remotely?   Cori: I have seen this position change, grow and evolve but somehow, we are still asking ourselves… Can OSC be fully remote? Can we trust them to do their work well? Can they be successful? I am here to make the case that YES, we can be successful, we can excel and be trailblazers. We just need the support and trust from management to prove to them that it’s possible.   Me: Okay, so we know it can be done. Tell me, why would a builder hire a remote OSC when they can hire someone locally?   Cori: With a nationwide talent pool: You will not be limited to your local market. You will have the opportunity to hire from the best of the best. People that are already trained and ready to integrate with your team and just have to learn your processes.   FRESH EYES: having a remote OSC means you have someone observing your area for the first time, the same as your relocation buyers. Listen to them and take notes about what they want to learn. The remote OSC will most likely be able to explain the area better to a relo-buyer than someone who has lived in the area their whole life. They will understand the pain points and interests of someone new to the area.