Understanding the Role of an OSC


Here at Shared Drive, we’ve spent years pioneering what it means to be an OSC. Online Sales Concierges are not just online receptionists or extra salespeople; they’re facilitators and guides for your clients. Finding a new home is a significant chapter in someone’s life and so guidance, reassurance, and the knowledge that they have someone guiding their interactions with you (their builder) makes their home-building journey memorable for all the right reasons.


What is the role of a Shared Drive OSC? What sets us apart?

Shared Drive OSCs:

  • Address online inquiries promptly and with care
  • Keep potential buyers updated about new community launches, design unveilings, site plan announcements, model home openings, new incentives, and price adjustments
  • Schedule on-site appointments for digital leads
  • Direct potential buyers to the communities and homes that would best meet their unique needs, desires, and budget
  • Communicate continuous updates to potential buyers about community and home progress
  • Inform realtors of community advancements
  • Ensure no lead is left behind and every inquiry receives its due attention

We’re more than just appointment setters, we’re trusted guides and pillars of knowledge and understanding that straddles the fence between builder and customer, advocating for both. We instill confidence in buyers and empower them to make informed decisions, ensuring any time they spend speaking to other team members is fruitful for both parties.


3 Pillars of An Effective OSC

Our OSCs are effective because:

  1. They delve deep into your buyer’s motivation.

Our OSCs truly want to help your potential buyers, so rather than just asking for the surface-level details of what they’re looking for (such as location, budget, and bedrooms) they ask questions to understand their motivation for the move, from both a practical and emotional perspective.

They want to know what’s pushed them to make a move, what they do and don’t like about their current home, what they are and aren’t willing to compromise on, and any imminent life events that may influence their decision. OSCs seek to understand what they aspire to have. Do they want to feel a part of a community? Do they want a safe suburb for their kids to ride their bikes unattended? How do they want to feel when they pull into their driveway? Our OSCs strive to uncover the answers to all of these questions.


  1. They craft a complete customer profile.

All the information they learn about your potential buyer then goes into your CRM for your entire team to benefit from. They’ll continuously refresh this information as they learn more about them. This information includes not just practical information such as contact information, budget bracket, and preferred community and floorplan, but also the current status of their home, realtor collaborations, relocation reasons, and information about them and their family.


  1. They refine the appointment process.

OSCs confirm appointments and then perform follow-ups to find out how a potential buyer’s on-site appointment went. This gives potential buyers the perfect opportunity to ask any follow-up questions they may have forgotten to ask while they were swept up in the excitement. If an appointment doesn’t happen, or if a community isn’t the right fit, our OSCs maintain contact to ensure every buyer has ample opportunity to become a customer.


Though demanding, the role of an OSC is immensely gratifying. Our OSCs act as facilitators, ensuring both builders and buyers thrive. Operating remotely most of the time, our OSCs embody independence, but they’re never truly alone – we provide continuous support and training to enhance their skills.

If your OSC doesn’t do all our OSCs do, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to explore working with one of our outstanding OSCs, or discuss training options to elevate your existing OSC to the standards we proudly uphold at Shared Drive. Let us help you transform your online sales approach. Click here to learn more.


Written By

Ingrid Prince

Shared Drive | COO