The Scoop on Setting Online Sales Goals

We’re midway through the year and you’re trying to figure out if your online sales program is working or not.  There has been a long discussion on how builders should be setting online sales goals.  Let’s first acknowledge that setting goals can be overwhelming.  For sales leaders sometimes it’s not knowing where to start.

It is important to know your overall annual sales goals to determine your online sales goals.  This means you need to know exactly how many sales you are projecting to sell per community.  This will allow you to determine how many online sales appointments that need to convert to contribute to your sales goal.  Once you determine how many appointments are needed to achieve your sales, then you can determine how many leads you need to get the appointments you need.  See how that works?

If you have an existing online sales program, it will make goal setting a lot easier!  This is assuming you are tracking your OSCs appointment to sale contribution per month.   Once you know your OSCs average sales contribution rate, you can project how many online sales appointments you will need to generate the sales needed to help you achieve your sales goals.

Now if you don’t have a current online sales program and are just getting one started, I’d recommend starting your program off with the expectation that your OSC should be contributing anywhere between 35% to 40% of sales.  Once your OSC is operating at peak efficiency you can use the industry average of having an online sales contribution rate of 54%.  Bear in mind that means your providing the right amount of quality leads to your OSC, your OSC is scheduling the right number of appointments, and the onsite sales team is converting those appointments to sales.

It’s important to continually evaluate your sales goals often.  It’s not a set it and forget it goal.  There are many factors that can contribute to the performance of your online sales program such as new community startups, homesite availability, available inventory just to name a few.  Evaluate your performance to the goals monthly and make necessary adjustments quarterly.

Having online sales goals for your OSC is the necessary road map that they need to achieve greatness!

Written By

Ingrid Prince

Shared Drive | COO