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Meet The Team

Shari Morton

Executive OSC

Hi, my name is Shari. I have been remotely working as an OSC for over 7 years. I have built multiple, successful online programs. I was awarded the NAHB OSC of the year in 2017. I achieved this award by reaching out and learning from my amazing network of OSCs. Since then it’s been my passion to pay it forward and help other OCSs find success. I have a genuine interest in people and I get immense satisfaction in helping others thrive and become successful. 

Erin Fitts

Senior OSC

Erin entered the world of online sales in 2017. Prior to becoming an OSC, Erin sat in the sales seat “on-site” for 2 years with an on-your-lot custom home builder. Being able to experience the buyer’s journey from initial inquiry to delivery of keys has allowed Erin to deeply understand not only the process, but also the stages of emotion that each buyer experiences along the way. It is her passion to serve each prospect in helping them explore and understand their options, making sure that she sets proper expectations, and that she provides them with an overall experience that contributes to their joy in achieving the American dream of investing in a brand new home!

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