Shari Morton

Leads are people looking to make one of the biggest purchasing decisions, if not THE biggest purchasing decisions of their life. Unlike a car or a pair of shoes, a home has a significant impact on a person’s life. A good OSC knows that; a great OSC never forgets that.

Having been an OSC for over 8 years and now leading a team of amazing OSCs at Shared Drive, this is the one thing I feel ultimately makes the difference. Yes, you need to have discernment; you need to be enthusiastic, coffee worthy, and persistent. All of those are a bi-product of a true OSC’s, “Why.” When a GOAT OSC picks up the phone, the only person that exists is that voice on the other line. An OSC will be invested in this buyer’s journey to the perfect home. The moment this “lead” schedules the appointment for the GOAT OSC, that is just the beginning.

How did their appointment go?
What did they decide?
Did they close on their home?
Did they manage to fit that dang grand piano in the living room after all?

GREAT OSCs come with many different skill sets. Some are artistic note takes. Some can take a chat and bring a customer’s whole day around. Regardless of the how, the WHY is always the same. An OSC cares about the people around them. On the job, the OSC is invested in their customer’s desire to find the perfect home.

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