OSC Secret Shop

$295 per OSC


Our Secret Shops encompass a 60-day timeframe, evaluating how your OSC interacts with both responsive and unresponsive leads. We will offer real-time feedback for time-sensitive matters and assess your OSC’s performance using our comprehensive scorecard, which has been crafted by OSCs, specifically for OSCs. Each secret shop can be tailored to address the areas of concern that you may have.

After checkout, you’ll receive an email to schedule your kick-off call.

Secret Shop Deliverables

What We Do:

● We will submit an online lead form from your website will complete contact information and comments.

● We will monitor all email, phone, chat (if applicable) and text follow up for 14 days.

● We will initiate a recorded phone call by one of our trained secret shoppers.

● We track the appointment setting and handoff process.

● Every communication touch point is recorded.


How We Score:

We have created an objective scoring system that allows you to monitor your OSCs performance giving you the ability to provide feedback to your team on areas of improvement.

  • Speed of response
  • How many touch points were provided
  • Time frame and consistency
  • Discovery Skills
  • Appointment Setting
  • Online to Onsite Handoff

While we’ve created a scoring system that is based on what we’ve found most builders are looking for, we understand that each builder operates differently and may want to track different metrics. We can customize the scorecard based on your specific needs.

Results Are In:

Once the secret shops are complete, we will schedule a video conference all with your executive team to review the score cards and discuss the results of our finding. You will have access all supporting documents from the secret shop which includes email, text, and chat correspondence, and phone recordings.