OSC Training

Finding the right OSC is instrumental to the success of your online sales program. 
Even more important is having the right training and coaching.

We’re here to help.


Shared Drive will help you find the right OSC to fit within your organization. It is important to find the right individual who will embrace your company’s culture and embrace your online sales program. We utilize a proven process to find the right individual. Everything from a detailed job description, a high-level screening process, and an evaluation of candidates will be provided.

  • High Level Screening
  • Full OSC Evaluation
  • Detailed Job Description
  • Proven Effective Hiring Process

Coaching & Training

Once we have identified and hired your new OSC, we will train your OSC on our proven follow-up process.

Shared Drive will provide weekly live video coaching with your OSCs for the first month.  A monthly virtual accountability call will take place every month thereafter for the remaining 5 months.  This will ensure that your OSC is being held accountable and ensuring that they are successful in their role.

We will discuss specific areas of improvement, review OSC calls and work on skill development.

  • Weekly Video Coaching for 1st Month
  • 5 Monthly Accountability Calls
  • Evaluations and Skill Development
  • Call Reviews

Onsite Training

Having all team members understand the online sales process is important to its success.  We will provide an engaging live training event for your entire sales team to help them understand the entire online sales process providing them with the information they need to provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • Bring your online and onsite sales teams together
  • Provide your customer a better buying experience
  • Understand your online sales process and reduce silos
  • Improve communication for your entire team