OSC Secret Shops

Who better to shop your OSC than a top team of OSCs?

Our Secret Shops encompass a 60-day timeframe, evaluating how your OSC interacts with responsive and unresponsive leads. We will offer real-time feedback for time-sensitive matters and assess your OSC’s performance using our comprehensive scorecard, which has been crafted by OSCs, specifically for OSCs. Each secret shop can be tailored to address the areas of concern that you may have.

We’re a bit different…

  • Depending on the size of the team we coordinate several profiles with emails and phone numbers so OSCs are not tipped off
  • We research the area and product ahead of time so our questions make sense and allow the OSCs to put their best foot forward
  • We record every call and every email, over a 60-day period instead of judging the OSC on one interrelation.
  • We also get to the CRM the OSC is using to make sure we give them an opportunity to reach out based on the tools they have
  • Like everything we do, we make sure we understand the goals of the customer before we shop
  • As an OSC company, we know how to make intelligent and effective recommendations

The Other Guys

  • Use one customer profile to shop a team of OSC.
  • They ask questions without researching the product or the area so it’s always obvious it’s a shop.
  • They only shop for a short amount of time which doesn’t allow for the OSC to truly nurture
  • Ask questions that are designed for onsite sales people
  • They do not do research ahead of time to know what the OSC has access to
  • They do not meet to understand the goals of the customer for this shop
  • They do not give recommendations on how to improve based on the scorecard

Our promise to you

Your OSCs won’t know they are being
shopped or we’ll give you $50 back.

Let’s Get Started Today

OSC Secret Shop

$295 per OSC

60 Day Timeframe
Multiple touch points
Real-time feedback
Uses Our Comprehensive Scorecard

After checkout, you’ll receive an email to schedule your kick-off call.