Tired of looking for the right individual to handle your leads or don’t have the resources to hire someone full time? Our integrated lead generation teams will partner with you to achieve your results without the costs and headaches of staffing internally. With an award-winning sales team, let us partner with you to handle all your leads. By focusing on the entire sales funnel and providing expert talent at each stage, we are able to optimize the demand of your organization.

What’s it like working with Shared Drive?

Unlike consulting groups, we’re in it for the long haul. We like to think of it like dating for marriage. We’ll start by getting to know you through our 30- or 60-Day Launches – the first step in working with us. This will be the heaviest lift for your leadership team and we’ll ask you to commit to diving deep. After our launch is complete, we’ll begin implementing your team. We’ll balance the information we learned against the real-world experience on the ground to develop and train your OSC team.

During the first transition – or our honeymoon period – your Executive OSC will be involved in the day-to-day activities ensuring the findings of the launch ring true. Because our team is the champion of the customer experience you can expect us to be under the hood. We’ll give big suggestions, based on the data we’ve gathered, and teach your team how to best implement their tech resources and create a smoother path for the customer. There will be bumps in the road, as with any good relationship.

Once that initial period is complete, we look forward to lasting and long-term relationships between our junior and lead OSC’s and your sales team. Your Executive OSC continues to work behind the scenes, training, adjusting, and pivoting with the market. We’re committed to the change that happens when you invite Shared Drive onto your team.

CRM Implementation

At the heart of our tech stack is the Customer relationship management (CRM). We can set up, manage and train your team to use your CRM.

OSC Secret Shops

We understand what a great online sales process looks like and are focused on the customer experience. Our secret shop processes were designed with that in mind


Our signature 30-Day and 60-Day launches allow us to immerse in your existing online experience and find ways to help you develop or improve your online program. 

Annual Partnerships

Let Shared Drive take the wheel. Everyone’s annual partnership starts with a launch, then we will become a built-in online team for you.

OSC Training Program

Already have a program in place but need an extra push.? We’re here to help.

Design & Marketing

We are constantly looking for the newest and most innovative ways to not only connect your brand with an online audience.

Trusted By Clients Nationwide

"Share Drive has a great online sales consultant program! I could not have hire nor trained such knowledgeable and professional OSC group! They save you the time and over head of hiring in house. They have merge with our company seamlessly and are an extension of our sales team. I have never been concerned about our online customers. If they are being taken care of with accurate and real time information! Their tracking of client contact and history reporting is one of my favorite features as they prove and track everything. This helps me to make a great decision of what my company would need to do as the market shifts! We are big Fans of Shared Drive OSC!"

~ Shaddock Homes

"Shared Drive has shown me first-hand that an Online Sales Team, if ran properly, can operate anywhere within the country.  The misconception that the Team must be local has been proven inaccurate time and time again.  In fact, some of the largest homebuilders within the country have centralized their Online Sales Team for the greatest effectiveness in appointment setting.  With Shared Drive’s training and processes, your team will see immediate success!"
~ Chris Hartley, VP of Sales

"Shared Drive is a valuable addition to our sales team and is wonderful to work with. They have a strong work ethic and possesses an incredible ability to build rapport with both customers and the sales team. We recently had a last-minute resignation from someone in the online sales role and Shared Drive had the position filled with a high-quality person before the two weeks notice was up. I appreciate that they are forward-thinking and gets the job done with excellence. I would highly recommend Shared Drive to any home builder looking for an on-line sales experience leader."

~ Mandalay Homes

"We were fortunate enough to get Shared Drive’s support beginning summer of 2020. The impact on our online marketing efforts was immediate. Traffic at our sales locations increased and customers arrived both informed and wanting to do business with us. Don’t know the secret, but we couldn’t be who we are today without them.

~ Dave Everson, CEO, Mandalay Homes

"Shared Drive is very knowledgeable about the CRMs available for OSCs. They are quick to respond and super helpful. Appreciate Shari and her team!"

~ Alex Overby, UnionMain Homes

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