Meet Diana

Hi, I’m Diana.

I’ve been an OSC since 2016 and fell in love with the role on day one!

It’s a pretty great thing we get to do and be – we are the front line of our builder’s business and not only do we get people started on their dreams, but we set the tone for how they’ll be treated along the way.

It’s a big responsibility and one that requires constant improvement and reflection. The role has gone through a lot of changes in my short time and our ability to recognize and act on that is why we’re able to continue to impact company sales.

In 2017, I was awarded OSC of the Year from the Colorado HBA, MAME Awards and most recently won the NAHB OSC Team of the Year (2021). While I earned those awards with different builders, the underlying factor was knowing things always change and the desire to be in complete service of those around me. If you’re winning, so am I. We’re always going to be  better if we approach and tackle each situation together.

Knowing the changes our role has been facing and where that’s left so many of my peers (and that’s not just what covid ripped open), Shared Drive was a natural choice.

The OSC so often lives in it’s singular silo – doing a specialized thing, while being the first voice and connection to your company. There’s a lot of room for evolution of the role, but the truth is most leadership doesn’t know how to shape that. That’s where Shared Drive has come in and is ahead of the curve.

Shared Drive recognizes the growth path of the OSC and because of how the work is now done, realizes there has to be a team in place to make it happen. That’s something not every builder can take on. There’s a big investment that needs to go into an OSC up front, after all, they’re representing your business! Balancing that investment with turnover has become challenging and it’s exactly what Shared Drive mitigates for it’s partners.

My passion for the industry and this role naturally brought me to Shared Drive, where the focus is forward thinking and solution driven.

When I’m not working, you can find my family and I in the great Mitten state (Michigan, I’m talking about Michigan!). My husband and I recently moved to Michigan to be close to family.  If you ask, I’ll still pretend like I live in Colorado,  where Mike and I met and spent 10 years exploring the mountains, good beer, and open spaces. We love to see what our current home has to offer and get up north and outdoors as much as possible with our son, Thatcher and our old dog, Whit. At one year old, Thatcher is already well-versed in OSC language and knows exactly which phone ring means a lead is calling.

Written By

Diana Wallace

Shared Drive | Executive OSC