Hi, I’m Cori.

I’ve been an OSC for over seven years and I thrive when I am able to connect buyers at the moment of excitement in their home search. It’s when dreams are becoming reality and I get to be the one helping.

I love first-time home buyers. They are always excited to talk and I get to answer questions they sometimes might be too embarrassed to ask.

I’m proud to say that in my most current role as lead OSC, I was able to take my builder from 30% of total sales coming from the OSC to over 70%. That type of jump takes dedication to the customer and the process.

My passion is public speaking and being a voice for the OSC and our industry. I’ve had the pleasure to connect with industry thinkers on several podcasts, have shared the stage at IBS 2021 and participated as a guest speaker at Meredith Oliver’s 2020 Summit.

You can listen to me here:

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Another passion of mine comes from a few sources: the fact that we need to step outside of our industry to open our minds and learn from other sources and the fact that we are selling homes to cross-cultural purchasers.

I’ve teamed up with Michael Landers from Culture Crossing to bring awareness to the challenges our buyers are facing when it comes to incorporating their belief systems, generational needs, and cultural differences through training programs geared at the OSC. I speak Spanish, Italian, and English which gives me great insight into how buyers communicate.

OSC’s need a chance to fully disconnect from work and live their life. Having an OSC partner has completely changed that for me. When I’m disconnecting, I’m with my husband, our little ones, and our dogs in Boise, ID. I was born in Argentina, lived in Italy as a teen, and then met my husband and got married in Japan. We landed in North Carolina for several years where I first learned the ropes as an OSC. Idaho came calling for my husband, a native of the state, and we’ve made a fantastic life in the mountains, with all its snow and natural beauty.

All of my close family lives in Argentina still and we are counting down the days until their next visit. Until then, we have our Italian Diva named Foxy (a Pomeranian teacup) and our 4 year-old Yoda look alike mutt, Lily, to keep us company!