Lauren Loy

We wanted to know what an OSC G.O.A.T would say was their “why”, so who better to ask than Lauren Loy, a true GOAT from ECI Software Solutions, Inc.

“What is your why? It is important to stay close to your why and set an intention each day. An OSC is a master multi-tasker, and we still need to know when to “land the plane” in conversations to be efficient with our time. Even with this, we can still make time to take care of ourselves with a pause for a breath, a smile, and then care for others with our listening presence. Listening helped to nurture and qualify a lengthy interest list for coming soon communities, increase referrals, and set us apart from competitors in the area through an excellent customer experience.”

Lauren Loy
Regional Sales Executive|Residential Home Construction
ECI Software Solutions, Inc.

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