How Video Elevates Home Builder Marketing Strategies

Video is the most popular form of content right now; from short-form content like TikToks to long-form content like YouTube videos, consumers are digesting hours of it every day. These videos are not all about entertainment, either; consumers lean on these videos to teach them how-to and give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

For industries like home building, where the end product is both tangible and high investment, showcasing craftsmanship and intricate details is crucial. A potential buyer comparing homes from two different builders will inevitably have more trust in the builder who has shown them their work through their video marketing, than one that doesn’t.


Why is video so beneficial for home builders?

Video offers home builders a dynamic way to showcase the craftsmanship of their homes to buyers no matter where they are in the world. Unlike static images, videos can capture the nuances and feel of a space. Most importantly, it allows home builders to tell a story of the home, its potential occupants, and the lifestyle it symbolizes. This story can resonate with potential homeowners and propel them to take the next step.


5 Ways You Can Use Video to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Virtual Tours: Virtual tours have proven very effective when selling pre-owned homes, and new homes are no different. A video walkthrough provides potential buyers with an immersive experience, enabling them to experience a space without being physically present. This is just as important when selling homes off plan – a video tour of your model home can get potential buyers excited and setting appointments to view it and your community in person.
  2. Showcase Testimonials: Customer testimonials are even more impactful when delivered through video. Viewers can see genuine emotion and hear inflections in the voice of the person giving the testimonial, which builds trust in you.
  3. Highlight the Construction Process: Buyers are excited about the finishes, but they need to know that the quality of the construction of the house is high to feel good about their investment. Videos showing aspects of the construction process can reinforce the value they are getting.
  4. Personalize the Customer Journey: Using videos in your communication brings a unique touch to the customer experience. Instead of traditional written updates or generic images, sales teams and OSCs can enhance the customer journey by sending personalized video messages.

These tailored clips not only offer a visual update on a buyer’s property but also create a more intimate and memorable connection. Similarly, a short video message addressing specific queries or showcasing a specific part of a build can resonate deeply with buyers, both before and after they commit to buying a home from you.

  1. Create Engaging Social Media Content: Videos have an edge when it comes to sharability and engagement on social media. By posting captivating content–be it mesmerizing time-lapses, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or joyous homeowner celebrations–you’re not only enhancing your brand’s visibility but also cultivating a relatable and approachable image. When potential buyers see those celebrations and progress on other people’s homes they think, “I want that too.”


As the lines between the physical and digital worlds blur, it’s essential for home builders to leverage mediums that bridge the gap. Video does just that. Encourage your sales team, OSC, and marketing team to incorporate video into their strategies to enhance engagement and elevate the customer journey. For industries like home building that thrive on trust, transparency, and tangibility, there’s no better way to forge connections and drive conversions than with video.

Written By

Sarah Haynes

Shared Drive | CMO