How to stay connected when proximity is not an option…

Regardless of how 2020 has got you feeling, one factor remains unchanged; the need to stay connected is more important than ever. This unprecedented year has forced us all to adapt to new ways of communicating and conducting business. Just like any evolution, change can be scary, it can be confusing. For those of us who welcome change, we can use that to improve our lives and the lives of others.

As an online specialist, I have been working remotely for the past 8 years. The companies that I work with are thousands of miles away and the customers that I maintain long deep relationships with, I have yet to even meet face to face. This ability did not come naturally; it took trial and error and I want to share a few tips that work for me.

Stay connected with your team…

 More important than anything, staying connected to your team is crucial. How I overcame the distance is through weekly virtual team meetings. Here are a few tips for holding successful online team meetings:

  • Start the meeting early in the day and at the same exact time each week. As meetings get later in the day people are more likely to get into a whirlwind and cancel the meeting.
  • Make sure everyone’s camera is on and the microphone is muted unless the person is speaking.
  • Make it a habit to log on at least 5 minutes before your meeting in case you run into unexpected technical difficulties.
  • Create a quiet atmosphere where your team can focus on each other when possible.
  • Have an agenda. Virtual meetings can sometimes turn into hours filled with unrelated tangents. Have a designated person to make sure the agenda is followed.
  • Keep it relevant and productive. Make sure you’re utilizing this time to move your team’s productively forward and not just filling with updates that can be conveyed through an email.
  • Start and end with checking in on each other. Teamwork isn’t just about the tasks you have to do every day. It’s important for you to know how each team member is doing personally. Get to know each other and keep things social and light.
  • Send a recap email so that everyone is on board with actions that need to be completed.


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Written By

Shari Morton

Shared Drive | CGO