Erin Fitts

How does one achieve GOAT status as an OSC?

GOAT is not just a title; it’s a mindset, a drive, a collection of shared success. A GOAT is not concerned about status, a GOAT is concerned with Greatness.

To be a GOAT, you must:

Define greatness in the form of GREATER GOALS.

Pursue greatness through the OWNERSHIP OF OPPORTUNITIES.

Practice greatness with AMBITIOUS ACTIONS.

Inspire greatness through TEAM TRUST.

Greater Goals

To be a GOAT, an OSC must perform their role in a way that aligns with the goals of their builder and their buyers.

Too many OSCs use industry standard metrics as a way to define their goals and success. When an OSC focuses solely on their stats, the performance of their position suffers. GOATs are not concerned with comparison as a form of competition because they surpass the status quo. While individual performance is an important part of the equation, the greatest OSCs approach their goals in terms of measurable results for their builders and buyers.

GOAT OSCs know that the role of an OSC is designed to support the greater goals of the business and they experience success when their achievements are measured within the context of contribution.

Ownership of Opportunities

To achieve GOAT status, an OSC must approach their role as an opportunity to serve the builder and the customer better.. GOAT OSCs take ownership of greatness; consistently identifying weaknesses as opportunities for strength. The greatest OSCs take initiative to review their processes, their interactions, and their skills in order to improve.

GOATs know that greatness is only sustainable through growth over time and are driven to capitalize on opportunities for improvement in all areas.

Ambitious Actions

OSCs face varying circumstances and ever changing challenges. When the market changes, A GOAT OSC knows their greatness is independent of circumstances and takes control through ambitious action. The abilities of a GOAT are reflected in the actions taken to support their greater goals and opportunities for improvement.

GOATS are determined to achieve greatness through practice, and know that their success is a result of consistently persistent activity.

Team Trust

A GOAT OSC creates tracks for their team to follow. Techniques and technology will differ, but the greatness of an OSCs impact is measured by the trust within the team.

GOATs demonstrate integrity through transparency and accountability; raising the bar of performance for everyone on their team. A GOAT invites others to share in their greatness.

So, come on kids—GO AT it, be the G.O.A.T. of OSCs.