In-House vs Outsourcing Your OSCs: Making the Smart Move

In the world of home building, having a strong online presence is key, and that’s where the Online Sales Concierge (OSC) comes into play. They’re the digital front-runners, guiding your online sales and customer interactions. Home builders face a big decision: should they hire an OSC team in-house or outsource their OSCs? Lets dive into these choices and see what makes the most sense, both for your peace of mind and your budget.


The In-House OSC Challenge

Before delving into the realm of outsourcing, its crucial to understand the landscape of maintaining an in-house OSC team. On the surface, hiring in-house can often seem like the smart choice; you have full control over who you hire and what they do. But as is often the case, what looks good on the surface often hides deeper financial and operational complexities.


The Real Price of Going In-House

Maintaining an in-house OSC team comes with a hefty price tag. With base salaries ranging from $35,000 and $75,000 per person, plus appointment and sales bonuses, training, and benefits, the cumulative cost per OSC can rocket to a staggering $125,000 – $190,000 with all overheads accounted for. You can find a breakdown in our infographic below.


The Hidden Cost: Burnout and Turnover

Beyond the tangible costs, theres also a human element. Expecting a sing OSC team to deliver top-class service 7 days a week, 360+ days a year is not just demanding; its a recipe for burnout and high employee turnover. Home builders need to have realistic expectations of what OSC teams can deliver, but often, the high demands lead to mistakes, burnout, and the ensuing costs and trials of hiring replacements. With turnover the need to re-hire and train a new OSC not only costs you more time, but also more money. This cycle can go on and on, unless fundamental expectations are addressed.


The Shared Drive Way: Efficiency and Support

Now lets take a look at what outsourcing can do for you. Outsourcing isnt just a way to have more predictable costs, its a way to make the entire OSC relationship one of ease and value. Heres how we turn OSC hiring challenges into solutions for our clients.


Clear Costs, Smooth Operations

Outsourcing offers a transparent flat fee monthly pricing, liberating you from the unpredictability of in-house financial planning. While your employeesmonthly salary may not change, you often have to deal with PTO, paying for additional training, and hiring costs. We offer our clients a flat fee based on their unique needs while providing uninterrupted service and providing our OSCs with benefits and work-life balance. That means your service never misses a beat, a luxury seldom afforded by in-house teams.


Sustainable Support: The Antidote to Burnout

Where in-house teams falter, we thrive. With a robust support system for all our OSCs along with realistic working hours, working with us ensures your OSCs are not just present but energized and motivated, driving your sales forward without the risk of burnout or turnover.


In-House vs. Outsourced: The Breakdown


The decision between hiring and outsourcing hinges on a thorough understanding of what each path offers. Here’s how we redefine the OSC role, offering advantages that an in-house team can rarely match:

  • Predictable costs: With our flat-rate pricing, you can plan your finances without the headaches or surprises.
  • Strong support system: Our team is always growing and improving, thanks to ongoing training and solid support. Our most experienced, award-winning OSCs are always on hand to offer advice and support to new and incoming OSCs, ensuring they always have support and a fellow OSC to turn to. You’ll be assigned a dedicated builder expert. Our team is also large enough that if your dedicated OSC takes the day off or goes on leave, your service never falters or changes. We’ve got you covered.
  • Strategy That Shines: We dont just meet your needs; were always one step ahead, anticipating them. Our regular sales meetings and assessments keep your strategy sharp and effective.

Along with these differences, our OSCs can also offer you all the benefits you hire for; they have local know-how and build connections that count in your local area, they become a part of your team and get to know your business inside-out, and can grow with you.


Embracing the Future with Shared Drive

Choosing Shared Drive isn’t just about outsourcing; its about elevating your business. Were not just a service provider; were your partner in growth. We ensure your online sales presence isnt just available when your customers are, its ready to win you customers, handle queries, and even chat to your audience on social media.

In the fast-paced world of home building, we aren’t just playing the game; we’re leading it as your MVP. We understand your challenges and transform them into your strengths. With us, your digital sales don’t just rise; they set new benchmarks. Ready to make the smart move? Lets team up and lead the way together.

Written By

Ingrid Prince

Shared Drive | COO