Harnessing the Power of Customer Testimonials in Home Builder Marketing

What’s the first thing you do when you’re thinking of buying something from a new-to-you company? You look up the reviews. You want to know if they’re legitimate, trustworthy, and what kinds of experiences other people have had with them before you.

If you’ve shared a testimonial or two on social media before, you may be shrugging off this advice – you’ve seen the stats, and they were pretty underwhelming. But don’t be so fast; testimonials are gold when it comes to building trust with potential clients, and that’s absolutely essential in the home-building industry.

So, how should you use testimonials in your marketing strategy? Here’s a simple, no-fuss guide on how you can make the most of testimonials in your home builder marketing strategy.


Why: The Value of Customer Testimonials in Building Trust

Word-of-mouth and reputation play a pivotal role in gaining new customers, and testimonials offer social proof. Prospective clients are more likely to trust you if they see others have had positive experiences. Remember, they are not just buying a product, they are investing in a dream home – a lifestyle they hope to make their reality. The reassuring words of a satisfied customer can be the deciding factor for many potential clients, especially if your competitors have few.


How: Use Testimonials to Tell a Story

Storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing and is a fantastic way to use customer testimonials. Instead of presenting the testimonials as isolated quotes, weave them into narratives about the homeowner’s journey with your company. This creates a more compelling and emotional connection, which can be instrumental in convincing potential customers of the experience you offer.

Share before and after stories, showing how past home buyers have overcome challenges or have gone from a life they didn’t love to one they do in their new home. Highlight the homeowner’s satisfaction, how they felt about the process, the final results, and how they feel about it all now they feel established in their new home.

Make use of different formats for these stories when you can. Case studies, blog posts, and video testimonials can all be effective in sharing these stories, offering the potential client a tangible glimpse into your work. If you can get a video testimonial, you’ll have hit the jackpot. It gives customers the opportunity to see and connect with your past customer, which makes it easier to put themselves in their shoes.


Do: Respond Professionally to All Reviews

While aiming for consistently positive reviews is an admirable goal, there will be times when a customer leaves a less-than-stellar review. How you handle such situations can significantly impact your brand reputation.

Every review, positive or negative, deserves a professional and thoughtful response. Thank customers for their positive reviews and express your happiness that they are pleased with your services.

When responding to negative reviews, remember to stay calm and professional. Acknowledge the customer’s experience and show empathy. Avoid becoming defensive, instead offer to resolve the issue and learn from the feedback. When necessary, detail what you did to try and make things right (just make sure you do this in the right tone) so anyone reading the review can see how you handled things. Your response shows potential clients that you are committed to improving and delivering high-quality service.


How: Leverage Testimonials in Your Marketing

Once you’ve gathered a collection of compelling testimonials and responded professionally to reviews, it’s time to use them in your marketing strategy. Incorporate these testimonials into your website, brochures, and email marketing. Share them on social media, and place them strategically throughout the customer journey to have the greatest impact.

Remember, while testimonials don’t generally generate the most likes or shares on social media, testimonials can be what pushes a potential customer over the line and decide to work with you over your competitor. For the few, they are absolutely invaluable, and for everyone else, it will impress upon them that you’re a reputable and trustworthy company.


Customer testimonials are a home builder’s best friend. They’re all about building trust, showcasing your incredible customer experience, and setting you apart from the competition. So don’t just collect them—use them! And remember, whether the review is good or bad, always respond professionally. You’ll not only build a positive reputation with anyone who comes into contact with your brand, but you’ll also win the trust of future homebuyers.

Written By

Shari Morton

Shared Drive | CGO