GOAT OSCs Engage Their Buyers on a Different Level: Here’s How

We’ve been changing what it means to be an Online Sales Concierge for years now; taking a role that is essential for home builders. Our OSCs aren’t receptionists, salespeople, or social media managers. We’ve trained a team of GOAT OSCs by ensuring they have a large skillset that is focused on producing an outstanding customer experience. Many home builders still have OSCs that are limited in their role. Today, we want to show you the difference between how typical OSCs work and what our empowered GOAT OSCs do, so you can have OSCs that do the same for you.

How Typical OSCs Work

Typical OSCs are forced to be appointment setters – they’re there to connect with leads on the most basic level and pass them on to the sales team. Once that hand-off is complete, they often have no (or very little) contact with the customer again. Not only are typical OSCs not trained to do more than set appointments, but they are also often actively told not to do more. Typical OSCs are rarely trained to qualify potential home buyers, which leads to wasted time for both the sales team and the potential buyers. While this buyer may not go on to leave a customer, the interaction may lead to a bad taste in their mouth, which may lead them to say negative things about the company to their friends and family. Typical OSCs are disempowered and limited to a role as an online receptionist. They have no power to provide a potential buyer with anything more than basic information before that buyer moves on. Even if an OSC could or wanted to do more, they rarely have the tools at their disposal to do so.

How Our GOAT OSCs Work

A typical OSC is just the starting point on the buyer journey, but we see our OSCs as the center support on a circular journey. Our OSCs guide the buyer through the sales process, ensuring they have someone familiar to turn to as they move from team to team. GOAT OSCs don’t just care about getting someone into the funnel; their goal is to ensure they move through the customer journey confidently; with the excitement someone should have when purchasing a new home. Often, buying a home is such a stressful process, but our OSCs make sure they never feel alone. GOAT OSCs genuinely care about the buyers they come into contact with and want to learn more about them, their lives, and what they value and care most about. They provide initial information, are there to answer questions as they go through the buying process and provide aftercare. Of course, what is good for the buyer is also good for home builders. Since our OSCs watch and support a buyer as they move through the customer journey using the CRM, they can identify any opportunities other departments miss. Our GOAT OSCs become a wealth of information on your clients which can then be used by the marketing team. In other words, they’re not a receptionist, they’re a customer experience leader. They can set up all departments for success, identifying and suggesting fixes for holes in the sales funnel. Because our OSCs are empowered to use their own initiative with the tools to follow up and track leads, they can go the extra mile (and about a marathon more than a typical OSC).

How We Create a Team of GOAT OSCs (+ How You Can Too)

So, how do we create a powerhouse team of GOAT OSCs? The good news is we don’t like to gatekeep information. Here’s how we do it, and how you can too, whether you’re a home builder or OSC.

1.    Tons of Training

We know we’ve got to empower our OSCs with the knowledge they need to work with home builders’ processes and all the different tools they need to create the best possible customer experience. To be a GOAT OSC, they’ve got to have a wide range of skills, not just strong people skills.

2.    Our Top OSCs Provide Resources

There’s no point reinventing the wheel – we’re in the trenches every day improving, so we pass what we learn to our OSCs who are still in the early stages of their journey to becoming a GOAT OSC.

3.    We Cultivate a Supportive Culture

Our OSCs at all levels know they can ask questions without feeling like they’re showing a weakness – instead, they’re growing their strengths. We encourage our OSCs to stay voracious and flexible.

4.    We Leverage Technology

With the right technology, a home builder’s processes can be streamlined and an OSC can help make the buyer experience a seamless one. Our OSCs leverage technology from day 1.

How You Can Do It Too: Tips for Home Builders

  • Audit your sales process: Make sure your sales process is set up to allow your OSC to take on the role of a GOAT OSC. This will include eliminating the lead handoff and adopting a circular sales process.
  • We’re here to help: If you don’t have the knowledge or tools to give your OSCs the training they need, we’re here to help. We can consult with you and educate you on how to set up your processes and OSCs for success.
  • Don’t gatekeep information: Make sure your OSCs have all the information (and tools) they need to guide your customers throughout the customer journey. If they’re in the dark, it will only serve to undermine their support.


How You Can Do It Too: Tips for OSCs

  • Network with other OSCs: Reach out to other OSCs and create a space to support each other and share useful tips on how to do things more effectively.
  • Fight for your right to education: Persuading a home builder that sees you as a glorified receptionist to invest in your education (whether that be training with us, an online course on a tool, or attending conferences) can be a big ask, so make sure you have arguments ready about how they’ll get a return on investment.
  • Stay curious: Whether you’re looking for resources outside of the industry or speaking to potential buyers, let your curiosity lead you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make genuine connections. When you learn more about home buyers, you’ll create a customer experience unique to your builder.

Creating GOAT OSCs doesn’t happen overnight, but as more home builders work with us and train their own outstanding OSCs, home builders that fail to offer the same level of customer experience will start to fall behind in the industry. To learn more about how we can help you, click here.