Donna Connell

Donna was voted as a GOAT OCS by her peers, and it’s no wonder why. Below she shared her wisdom and passion with us and we couldn’t agree more.
“Love what you do, and you will succeed. If one loves what they do, the rest comes naturally.
Not only is being the first contact for your company a privilege, but it is also immensely important. You set the tone, for both the buyer and your team, laying the groundwork for a successful outcome. This is a position that demands self-motivation accompanied by hard work, dedication, and unwavering persistence to achieve success.
As your confidence builds, so too does your ability to be communicative, concise, and attentive to the needs of your buyers. Always being prepared within this ever-changing industry can be challenging. Many of our buyers not only expect us to respond as quickly as possible but also with a wealth of information. This requires us to be well versed in many areas.
Despite the daily challenges faced from time to time, I’ve found this to be an incredibly rewarding career that I continually strive to be successful at. The best part of being a New Home Advisor is that I am an integral part of the buyer’s new home experience. “