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What It Takes to Have Award-Winning OSCs on Your Team

Online sales are a crucial component in any modern home-builders business, so naturally, you only want to have the best Online Sales Concierges (OSCs) on your side. We’re fortunate enough to have more than a handful of incredible award-winning OSCs on the Shared Drive team, so we know what it takes to support and keep these valuable team members.

So, what does it take to have an award-winning OSC on your team?


What is an award-winning OSC?

To become an award-winning Online Sales Concierge, OSCs must have achieved and demonstrated expert knowledge and skills in all the essential functions of an OSC, such as nurturing and guiding the customer through the customer journey. They go beyond the call of duty to push the boundaries and have a deep understanding of their home builder’s business. They provide remarkable value to both their team and the customers they interact with.


How do award-winning OSCs set themselves apart?

All good OSCs understand that online sales is all about meeting buyers where they want to be met and guiding them on the necessary next steps to achieve their goals. However, OSCs become the GOAT OSC for a homebuilder when they:

  • Are Adaptable: Award-winning OSCs understand that the who, what, where, when, why, and how of home buying will change and are ready to be at the forefront of that change, guiding home builders and customers to the best possible outcomes.
  • Meet and Exceed Sales Goals: Award-winning OSCs know how to make sales, and they know how to do it in a way that makes customers feel incredibly good about the decisions they’re making and the future they’re going to build in their new home.
  • They’re Comfortable in the Limelight: Award-winning OSCs aren’t faceless salespeople – they create a personal brand and are comfortable presenting themselves on video and social media to develop relationships with customers, past, present, and future.
  • Strive to Be the Best: Award-winning OSCs don’t rest on their laurels; they’re always looking for ways to learn and improve.


How does an award-winning OSC benefit a homebuilder?

Your OSC is an extension of your brand – they’re one of the key names and faces your customers will come to know, so any interaction a customer has with them is a key interaction with your brand. The better the OSC is at their craft, the better your customers will feel about your brand. An award-winning OSC ensures your customers are seeing the very best side of your brand at all times.

Award-winning OSCs also use their personal brand to promote their home builder through social media, Realtor networking, local press, and any other opportunities they come across or create.


How can home builders ensure their OSC is as successful as possible?

OSCs need the right conditions to thrive. To ensure your OSC is as successful as possible, you should:

  1. Bridge the gap between online and offline sales: There’s nothing more difficult for online and offline sales teams than not knowing what interactions the other is having with a customer. If a customer feels like they have to keep telling individuals in your company the same information, they’ll start to feel frustrated and like they’re not being heard. Make sure you have systems and processes in place that ensure they can work together seamlessly.
  2. Provide them with the technology they need: Building on the point above, make sure you provide them with the technology they need to focus on what they do best. There’s no need for online and offline teams to constantly be trading information on customers back and forth via email – there are hundreds of CRMs, chat apps, call tracking tools, and other online tools and hardware that will support them.
  3. Listen to them: Your OSCs offer a wealth of insight into your customers and what they want and need out of the sales process, so make sure you listen to them and look to them for their input when you’re making decisions about your sales processes.
  4. Help them continue to grow: Award-winning OSCs love to improve, even when they’re already at the top of their profession, so give them the space and the resources they need to continue growing. This industry is always changing, so continued education is critical for a successful OSC.
  5. Give them a break! You’ll want your incredible OSC to be always serving your brand, but don’t forget they’re not a robot! One of the things that makes them so good at what they do is the fact that they’re human and able to get to know your customers on an intimate level, so you need to give them the time and space to recharge. Make sure you have enough OSCs that they feel recharged and ready to work, not run down and depleted. If you don’t want or need multiple OSCs most of the time, consider outsourcing to a backup service like Shared Drive to ensure you’re covered when your OSC is taking a break.


What should a homebuilder do once they’ve got an award-winning OSC?

Shout about it from the rooftops! Seriously, get the word out in the local physical press, on social media, and through online publications. Don’t forget to continue nurturing them and valuing them – look to support services like Shared Drive to ensure they don’t feel overworked.


How does Shared Drive support its OSCs so they become award-winning?

We’re dedicated to creating a nurturing environment here at Shared Drive, so all our OSCs receive continued support throughout their career. We provide our OSCs with opportunities to continue their education, a positive company culture, and a network of support that allows them to thrive.


How many award-winning OSCs are currently at Shared Drive?

More than a handful! Here are some of our incredible award-winning OSCs:


What if a homebuilder does not have any award-winning OSCs?

If you’ve got good OSCs who are yet to become great, make sure you refer to our 5 tips about how to ensure your OSCs are as successful as possible. Remember, you can always work with our award-winning OSCs; outsourcing allows you to avoid any gap in service should your OSC move on, you don’t have to invest in training, and you can instantly offer your customers an elevated online experience.


Award-Winning OSCs On-Demand

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Written By

Ingrid Prince

Shared Drive | COO