Meet Diana Wallace

Diana has had extensive experience installing OSC programs for medium production, large regional, and scattered on-your-lot builders. She’s worked with leads from all demographics and understands that each market has it’s unique story to tell. 

As a part of our process team, Diana is talented at developing the right process in the moment needed and using the best technology available to execute. 

She’s worked with multiple CRM’s including LassoCRM, Salesforce, and Hubspot-understanding the need to tailor the right CRM for the builder. She’s implemented chat bots with and without AI technology using different programs like Drift and Atlas RTX. In addition, she and her team(s) have successfully managed social media commenting and lead generation. Diana is able to leverage the skills of her team to create efficient yet human interactions for her builder partners-serving the ultimate goal of a seamless customer experience from the day someone inquires to when they move into their new home. 

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