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Highly Trained OSCs

We will match you with a highly trained OSC that will seamlessly merge with your company culture and become a valuable member of your team. 

Continuous Training

Your OSC comes with the support of an entire team helping each other keep up to date on the latest technology; saving you money on expensive training sessions.

Customized Program

We learn what matters to you and your customers and translating that into a warm and nurturing program that will increase sales and build stronger customer relationships.

Digital Marketing

Allow us to cut through the noise and junk and deliver an email marketing strategy that will build meaningful relationships with your customers.

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We are an online sales and marketing outsourcing company that offers turnkey online sales solutions. At Shared Drive we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. For us, it’s not just about setting the appointment or making the sale; it’s about making a personal connection with your buyers and creating a better customer experience.

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Totally Clean ICT

Shared Drive has done an excellent job in helping our company grow! Their work is phenomenal and the results speak for themselves!

Thank you so much Shared Drive for supporting and helping small local businesses like ourselves!

Mandalay Homes

Shared Drive is a valuable addition to our sales team and is wonderful to work with. They have a strong work ethic and possesses an incredible ability to build rapport with both customers and the sales team. We recently had a last-minute resignation from someone in the online sales role and Shared Drive had the position filled with a high-quality person before the two weeks notice was up. I appreciate that they are forward-thinking and gets the job done with excellence. I would highly recommend Shared Drive to any home builder looking for an on-line sales experience leader.

Chris Hartley, VP of Sales

Shared Drive has shown me first-hand that an Online Sales Team, if ran properly, can operate anywhere within the country.  The misconception that the Team must be local has been proven inaccurate time and time again.  In fact, some of the largest homebuilders within the country have centralized their Online Sales Team for the greatest effectiveness in appointment setting.  With Shared Drive’s training and processes, your team will see immediate success!